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The online training market for Blockchain and crypto currencies is huge – we know that.

We also know that no matter how good you are at something, there’s always some guy who can do it better than you.

That’s why we don’t provide our own content here, but instead refer to – in our opinion – instructive and interesting content and put together a program for you. So we hope to make it easier for you to get started with the exciting topic Blockchain.

Our Courses

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We have put together different learning materials so that you can deal with the topic of Blockchain and Co. in greater depth on your own. This material is either free of charge or very, very cheap. Depending on which topics you are interested in, you can also jump to the topic of your choice. And if you don’t find something, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

The learning material is divided into the following four topics:


Learn the most important basics about Blockchain and Co.

Crypto Currencies

Learn what they are and how they work.


Find out what Blockchain is all about.


View Blockchain through the eyes of a programmer.


Objective: You want to get a rough overview of Blockchain and crypto currencies and see what they are.

1. Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper

You won’t understand everything yet – no problem. It’s best to print it out, hang it up and take a look from time to time. You will notice that you understand more each time.

Check it out

2. Watch the 2h explanation video of Coding Tech

This gives you a wonderful first insight into the topic and answers many questions that you may already have. It is a great way to get an all-round overview.

Check it out

3. Click your way through the Bitcoin Wiki

Of course not the whole thing. But just dive into the world of proof-of-work, mining or elliptical curves. Again: No problem if you don’t understand everything.

Check it out

4. Read our blog posts

Sorry, a little self-promotion must be. ūüėČ

Check it out

5. Sign up for Udemy's online basic course

It costs just under CHF 10, but is definitely worth it. You can start at any time, watch the videos at your own pace and receive a final certificate at the end.

PS: Do not let the artificial shortage put you under pressure by the “only one day discount” – the discount is valid forever.

Check it out

Crypto Currencies

Objective: You want to understand enough about crypto currencies to be able to trade them.

1. Learn what crypto currencies are

In this basic course of the University of Berkeley you will learn the most important facts about crypto currencies (if you want the certificate, it costs USD 99 – otherwise the course is free). Of course, it’s also about Blockchain technology, but the focus is on crypto currencies. For example, you will learn what mining means and how a wallet works.

Check it out

2. Get an insight into different projects

Go to CoinMarketCap, pick out the most important crypto currencies (or those that interest you) and try to find out what need the crypto currency promises to solve. Use Google, Reddit, Youtube, blogs, wikis or e-learning platforms.

Check it out

3. Know the most important gotchas in the crypto market

The crypto market is chaotic, inscrutable and constantly changing – but that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. However, you should pay attention to the following topics:

  1. Secure storage of crypto currencies (e.g. here)
  2. Stars and Scams in the crypto market (e.g. here)
  3. Tax effects of crypto currencies, in particular in connection with commercial trading (e.g. here)

4. Stay up to date

Many people or companies will help you. The Youtube channels of DataHash or Dr. Julian Hosp, for example, offer information that is relatively easy to consume.

Check it out


Objective: You want to learn more about Blockchain technology. How it works, what it can be used for and what the ecosystem looks like?

1. Read the Blockchain Bible

Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the most respected people in the Blockchain ecosystem. And he has written the “Blockchain Bible” with Mastering Bitcoin. You can buy the book, but you can also read it online for free (provided by Antonopoulos himself) as it should be for open source.

Check it out (ch01... bis ch12...)

2. Learn more about the Blockchain ecosystem

While the Blockchain Bible in point 1 deals mainly with the technical details of a Blockchain, here it is more about the application-oriented side of Blockchain. In this online course you will learn the most important things about it. This is free unless you want a certificate at the end. Then you pay USD 99.

Check it out

3. Keep up to date with news

The world is changing fast and what is true today could be obsolete tomorrow. Stay up to date on news in the Blockchain section. In addition to Google Alerts, CryptoPanic is recommended as a news aggregator.

Check it out

4. Browse Reddit's Blockchain channel

Admittedly, it can be relatively chaotic sometimes. But after a few hours (or days?) you’ll find out you’re getting better and better at it. You can interact, ask questions or start discussions. And the quality of the contributions is very high in many cases.

Check it out

5. Visit Blockchain Meetups

There are quite many of these. And most of the participants are nice and will be happy to help you get started with this exciting topic. Avoid the big conferences; they are more about patting each other on the back.

Check it out


Objective: You want to use the potential of Blockchain yourself and be able to program applications with Blockchain.

1. Build your own Blockchain

This might not be super intelligent from a market point of view (only the largest blockchains are relevant), but it is all the more eucational. You will get to know the challenges a Blockchain faces first hand. Cost for 15h video material: USD 10.99.

Check it out

2. Deal with Ethereum and Solidity

Some things work fundamentally different when you write a program based on a Blockchain. Learn all about it in the Udemy online course (USD 10.99). You will be introduced to the topic step by step, but programming experience (preferably in connection with Javascript/Node.js) is of great help.

Check it out

3. Join projects

Not very specific, I know. But the best way to learn is through practical experience. Blockchain developers are extremely sought after and you shouldn’t have any problems finding exciting projects.

Check it out


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